Dedicated Agile Teams

We provide a dedicated agile team for specifically working on your project. We have client site teams available to work with you. There is our team available in the nearshore center which is located in New Jersey while an offshore team is always available from our Indian branch office.


Focused Approach: In this model, your team is fully determined and focused on projects to do the best efforts for your organization. The team works following your guidelines and processes which makes them more dedicated.

Cost Efficiency:

Building a team is not an easy task, it needs resources to build an efficient team. It also takes much of your time and effort to build a team while a dedicated team is already there to help you without consuming your time and much resources.

Instant Access to Talent:

Talent is a necessary factor to consider while building a team. A dedicated team already has all the talent you require in one-place.

Better Project Management:

The clients can get their project managed as they want it from their dedicated team. You can be in charge to set up the workflows, task management, performance evaluation and tracking.

Increased Productivity:

Speed development and productivity are considered important in a development environment. It also provides you an edge over your competitors. Dedicated agile team helps you to increase your productivity with great efficiency.

Engagement Models

The Near Shore engagement model helps us increase the client’s product development capacity. Katal Tech has development teams in its New Jersey office.

We have an integrated, extended, and dedicated offshore team supporting us from our India Branch office.

Let's work together?

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