Over 9 million people in the US are directly dependent on income from the logistics industry. Logistics companies spend over $1.5 Trillion every year on just logistics expenses. These companies rely on technology to manage their customers and services. In order to stay in a competitive market, a logistics company must implement the right set of technology to increase revenue with better performance.

Our Experience

Katal Tech has worked with various industries to help them achieve their goals by using the best technology approach. We have 20+ years of experience working with various industries and logistics is one of our favorites. We have helped logistics companies with fleet management to reduce associated risks and improve their efficiency. We help them to integrate booking platforms on both web and mobile. We develop supply chain analytics systems to help businesses predict the demands of consumers. Our professional teams are available 24/7 to help you with any maintenance issues.

Technology integration is obviously needed in logistics if you want to take your company to the next level. Here are some services that we offer to our clients in the logistics sector.

Our Services

Katal Tech helps you implement the following systems in logistics sector:

Fleet Management

The companies that rely on transportation need a fleet management system to minimize vehicle investment-related risks. It also helps to reduce staff costs and overall transportation. Our professionals help you integrate fleet management in your logistics company.

Booking Platforms

We help integrate booking platforms for both web and mobile. The booking platforms make it easy for your customers to order your services.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics helps logistics companies to analyze which products are less profitable and what are the actual needs of customers. We help you set up a supply chain analytics system to analyze the future demands of your customers.

Maintenance & Support

Our professional teams are always available for any of your maintenance needs. We provide 24/7 support on any issues you face regarding logistics management.


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According to the Society for Human Resources Management, retail is considered the third biggest industry in employee turnover.

Over 9 million people in the US are directly dependent on income from the logistics industry.

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